You say weed doesn't kill. But it does. Driving while under the influence, for example. Car crashes kill. It damages multiple organs in your body. It damages your brain. It can cause you to lose learning skills. There is a reason why kids in school are being taught to not do drugs. How can you say marijuana doesn't kill?


That’s like saying pencils kill people, because someone used a pencil to kill someone. This is ridiculously funny.
It has nothing to do with the persons poor decision making, choosing to drive whilst high.. No? Oh kk

Are you aware of all the innocent lives that die in the midst of the drug dealing and smuggling? Drugs turn people into violent irrational being whom will do whatever it takes to get some more substance. Whatever substance you do, kills your neurons causing an irreversible damage in your body, trust me, you don't want that kind of things in your organism, doing drugs is not a culture. It affects every aspect in your life. If only more people knew doing drugs won't lead you anywhere good.


Like all the innocent lives lost and damaged during sex trafficking. Should we ban sex too.

Stop blaming the evil of man on a herb, especially when corruption is the main reason why these things are happening in the first place.

Taking hard drugs are harmful and I have never nor will I ever promote hard drug usage on my blog.

However marijuana in its natural form, isn’t harmful and hasn’t caused any deaths.

Please, you were given your own mind and with that came the hard drive for unlimited knowledge, start using it..